Breathe is an air filter that aims to portray the beautiful process of air filtration in our natural world through formal aesthetics. With increased wildfires in the Eugene area that will only be exacerbated with time due to human induced climate change, I saw a design opportunity to create an air filter using a DC motor. The Eugene area could see a possible 400-500% increase in the number of acres burned by the year 2040.The impact of fires disportionately impact lower income community members and people of color. Moreover, smoke and heat worsen underlying health conditions which impact these populations more often because they have less ability to be inside or access to health care.

Throughout that process I began to formulate a formal language in which I took inspiration from nature. First I thought about the action of taking in bad air and pushing out good air which is what the stomata does inside of leaves much like an air filter. In addition, the hexagonal like structure helped me create the basis of my form. The bottom vents showcase movement with its repetitive and expanding pattern like wind pushing up the dirty air. Then I look for inspiration from water ripples to convey that the clean air is being pushed out.

Looking at the internal structure, some design considerations I kept in mind while creating the internal structure is limiting the amount of materials, thus creating a skeletal structure. This has not only aided creating a more inexpensive and sustainable product but has made the product easy to pull apart and repair if need be.