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A skatewear collection that focuses on the role of mending and customization in an effort to connect the consumer with the labor process behinf garment making by aligning with the ritual of tuning a new board. The entire collection consists of a repair kit, a button down and a pair of pants.

The kit comes equipped with skate tools and hardware, sewing supplies to aid in garment mending as well as a repair manual with basic repair tips and tricks to increase users' accessibility to material, knowledge, and equipment needed for mending their own garments. In addition, the button-down has been created with construction and customization in mind to allow the user to have a hand in the garment-making process to help build empathy for the workers that make all of their other clothing. Lastly, the pants were designed for ease in future repair. Abstaining from normal jean construction, the garment has no rivets, there is less topstitching and in areas where there is topstitching it has been done so at 3/16” away from the seam to make it easier to seam rip. All seams are plain seams that have been serged moreover there is increased seam allowance to allow the user to alter the fit of their pant.