Terra is a collection of objects (divider and coffee table) that attempts to blur the lines between nature and our domestic environment through the utilization of natural elements with man-made materials and the juxtaposition of the object's form and function. 

In my first project I created a space divider that aimed to create privacy through blurring the lines between the outdoors and our lived environment which gave me a starting baseline of where I wanted my next project to go.

The Terra coffee table is made from plywood composite scraps that we obtained from Timberlabs. After talking to Valerie from Sankofa we learned about how she takes building projects scrap material and reinstates them into the product lifecycle by recycling them into various repurpose materials to be used in new building projects which inspired me to use these scraps and make something new out of them. The coffee table has a vessel within its surface that holds an insert that people can place their plants on rather than placing on top of it. In addition it also has cork insert so that people always have a coaster for their beverages and such. The ethos of this object was to create an environment/object that people coming back from a long day out on the town could be soothed by. Seeing as coffee tables are placed in living rooms is an environment that is made for rest, I wanted to elevate the product by introducing natural elements that would rejuvenate the mind.