Lakina means ray of sunlight in cambodian and also happens to be my middle name. Emulating silhouettes found in Cambodian and Filipino garments, the collection meshes my ethnic background with skate culture to create a collection for women to comfortably cruise around. The collection is comprised of a vest, two barongs (shirts), pants, and shorts. 

For my vest I was inspired by the eccentric forms adorned by Cambodian Reamker actors. The vest utilizes cotton twill which makes for a lightweight piece that is perfect for layering ontop of something. The spiky collar was constructed using body fabric and interfacing. And for the padded pockets that you will continue to see throughout my collection are reinforced with quilting batting. My pants, similar to my vest, are made from cotton twill and have a couple of unique features to make the garment more useful. Such as a d-ring to hook your keys on and an ankle strap for a more snug fit. Furthermore, Since these garments are to be worn at skate parks I wanted to make sure that in addition to being comfortable they also provide adequate protection which is why I have added padded knee pads and pockets. For the shirt I wanted to modernize the barong by emulating a camp shirt to fit with current trends whilst utilizing materials found on traditional barongs such as silk and coconut buttons. To make my collection cohesive my shorts are made similar to my pants with cotton twill and padded pockets. The medium weight fabric provides sufficient protection from falling on your butt whilst also still being able to be breathable and flexible.